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About Plan to Product

Plan to Product is a fully integrated Judaic and general preschool curriculum designed to give you ideas for preschool lesson plans and activities.  For each theme there are a variety of activities to cater to all different types of learners and to provide children with a variety of experiences. Before every activity there is an aim—what specific knowledge the children should gain from doing this activity. This helps focus on the purpose for doing the activity.  Additionally, before every activity there is a list of materials/ingredients required for the activity as well as any advance teacher preparation needed. This helps figure out how much time is required for preparing the activity and which specific materials need to be gathered or bought. Following each activity there is a list of subsequent teacher actions necessary in order to complete the activity. Plan to Product: It's About Time, follows the same layout as Plan to Product and is a complete preschool teacher's guide for the Jewish holidays, seasons and year-round.

How Plan to Product Came About

As a preschool teacher, I was always looking out for ideas for projects on different themes and creative ways to bring across concepts to my students without having to do a lot of teaching and talking. Iíd rather let the children discover things on their own and discuss concepts while being involved in an activity. I found that many books and websites that I looked at had many great ideas, but failed to give adequate information, either by neglecting to give a detailed list of materials needed or outlining steps for preparation of and carrying out the activity. I found that while it was very helpful as a teacher to browse these books and sites, it didnít cut down on my preparation time and I still had to spend precious time in the classroom explaining to my assistant exactly what I needed and how I wanted it to get done. After a number of years of teaching I decided to take all the activities that I had been doing in my classroom and outline very specifically what materials were needed for each and what needed to be done. It was my hope that having such a clear outline would help me cut down on preparation time and save precious time in class. After spending many long hours, I finally had my rough draft ready for the beginning of the school year. I found that it was extremely helpful for me when planning my week. I would choose the activities I wanted to do, check out the materials needed, and estimate the amount of time needed for each activity. Instead of spending hours on preparation, I spent about 25 minutes a week preparing. But the biggest bonus was in the classroom itself. Being that I had a challenging class, it was hard to find a moment to explain what needed to get done to my assistant. I found myself opening my book to the page that had the activity I wanted to be prepared and just handing it to her, and she was able to figure out exactly what to do.  It made my days in the classroom much less stressful and I hope that it will help other teachers out there to get ideas and be able to implement them easily.


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