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Curriculum Overview

Plan to Product

The activities found in Plan to Product follow a curriculum that was developed by Mazel Daycare of Brooklyn, New York. Mazel Daycare, founded by F.R.E.E.—a Chabad Russian outreach organization, is a school that caters to non-religious children who come from homes where parents place strong emphasis on academics. Thus, a curriculum was designed that is ideal for preschool children, while satisfying their parents’ expectations for a highly academic program. Additionally, being that it caters to children from non-frum families, the curriculum is presented as a general curriculum, while carefully integrating relevant Judaic concepts throughout. In this way the children are taught to explore the world around them through the lens of Torah and Chassidus.
The curriculum includes three units and is based on a child’s world. The first thing a child sees is themselves and their immediate surroundings. Thus, the first unit of the curriculum is All About Me—focusing on a child, his family, home, friends, body, senses and feelings. The second unit of the curriculum is Around Town. This unit focuses on different stores/offices in town and specific themes that go along with them. For example, when doing the Grocery Store theme, the focus is on food, nutrition and Kosher eating. When doing the theme on the Doctor’s Office, the focus is on health and taking care of our bodies. This unit is a great time to discuss community helpers as well—a common preschool theme. The third unit of the curriculum goes beyond a child’s immediate surroundings and focuses on the world at large. This unit develops the concept of 'ה מעשיך רבו מה and explores related science themes as they correspond to each of the six days of creation. This unit, called Our Wonderful World, is a unit that is hands-on, full of experiments and experiences and brings children to the appreciation of all the little miracles found in the wonderful world that Hashem created.
It is not necessary to use this curriculum as is. Having taught in Mazel Daycare for a number of years, I developed activities based on the school’s curriculum. For directors and teachers following any other curriculum, the ideas in this book can be easily adapted accordingly. However, the Mazel Daycare curriculum is unique over many other thematic outlines available in that it is geared specifically to preschoolers in a progression that they appreciate and can relate to.

Plan to Product--It's About Time

Plan to Product: It’s About Time has been written to complement and enhance the previous book Plan to Product. Unlike the first book which follows a week-by-week curriculum that builds up in a natural sequence, this book, Plan to Product: It’s About Time goes through the year and provides activities, projects, books, trips, and more for all the “Around the Year” themes. This book includes lessons for the Jewish holidays, the seasons, and other time-related themes such as Sefiras Haomer, Rosh Chodesh, Erev Shabbos, and the month of Elul. This book, by its very nature, is not designed to be used week-by-week; instead it is meant to be used as needed throughout the year.  There are a variety of projects and activities listed for each theme, enabling a teacher to use the activities over the course of a few weeks.

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