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About Plan to Product

What Teachers Say

“The goals, lessons, and activities, outlined in this book are a great and practical resource for all preschool teachers.  Its clear layout and design make this book a pleasure to use.”

“By following the goals outlined before each unit, one is ensured that the child is gaining the most they can from each topic explored.”

“The curriculum is brilliant! It’s geared specifically to children, looking at things from their viewpoint and in a sequence that they understand.”

“Having a list of books for each theme saved me a lot of time. Instead of spending hours in the library trying to find books for the theme we were learning, I only had to spend about fifteen minutes looking through the books to see if they were suitable for my classroom.”

“The way the activities are clearly explained step-by-step helped me figure out what was appropriate for my students and enabled me to envision exactly the way the activity would run.”

“The curriculum is perfect for my community. Parents were happy that the children were learning many thematic units and were impressed with the succession of themes, while I felt that I was able to teach those concepts without compromising on the amount of Torah-values I wanted to instill in the children.”

“Before looking at the book Plan to Product most of my activities were arts and crafts and direct teaching. While reviewing the book, I found that I began using more of a variety of methods to teach concepts to my students and found that my students were able to understand the concepts more easily. I also realized that I was doing a lot less direct teaching, thus allowing my students to explore things and discover on their own.”

"This book is a must for every pre-school teacher. It sure makes life easy for them. If the teachers would use the ideas in this book, perhaps some of the classes might be more exciting for the children. No pre-school teacher should be without this book."


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